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#121 Bryan Greenberg

(idea submitted by J.B.)

Move over Shia LaBeouf, there is a new hottie in town.  The newest idol to claim the hearts and minds of Jewish Young Adults is Bryan Greenberg.

Greenberg has recently made a place for himself from his starring role as JYA Ben Epstein in the HBO cult favorite How To Make It In America.  He started his acting career at Camp Herzl, playing Joseph in the summer camp production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Since then his status has slowly grown, and is now ripe for the picking.

JYA females love Greenberg, for all of the obvious reasons.  On the one hand he is perfect to bring home to the parents, and on the other hand he is just edgy enough to be considered a “Non-Stereotypical Jew”, which is always an immediate draw.  Even the character he plays, Ben, is a designer for high end jeans.  How friggin’ cool is that?  Plus he’s easy on the eyes.

JYA males love Greenberg because they all think they are like him.  Meaning they all pretend they can be as cool as him, and desperately try to act as cool as him.  They feel he is someone they can relate to, possibly an alumni member from their AEPi chapter who occasionally visits the campus and buys beer for all the undergrads.

The future looks bright for Mr. Greenberg, who’s star will continue to rise as more and more JYAs take notice.

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