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#111 Jonathan Safran Foer

(idea submitted and written by Danielle L.)

Such a Nice Jewish Boy!

Jewish Young Adults take a certain pride or satisfaction when another JYA succeeds in something. Whether it’s parting the sea, curing Polio, or winning an Oscar, we like to brag about it.

Non-JYA: “Did you hear, the Coen brothers won an Oscar?”

JYA:  “Please, my second cousin lives in Ethan’s building on the Upper West.”

One JYA who has definitely earned bragging rights is best-selling author Jonathan Safran Foer. Not only is his being Jewish something to talk about, but his writing often deals with Judaism. His first book, Everything is Illuminated, is about an angst-riddled JYA who goes on a Jewish heritage tour to find out more about his grandfather’s past. The book earned Foer a National Jewish Book Award, and was adapted into a movie in 2005.

Foer has also written Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, about a nine-year-old boy who lost his father in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. As well as a nonfiction, Eating Animals, and most recently Tree of Codes, which is a book that has taken apart the book Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schultz (another Jewish author) and rearranged the words into a new story.

As a best-selling author and a frequent writer for the Op-Ed column in the New York Times, Foer has become one of the most successful JYA’s around, and a frequent subject of Jewish Geography.

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#110 Marc Jacobs

(idea submitted and written by Ronit J.)

(special shout-out to the senior class of The Emery/Weiner High School in Houston)

Jews have been involved in the fashion industry ever since they migrated to the Lower East Side and started working with shmattes.  There are plenty of Jewish designers- including Ralph Lauren born Ralph Lifschitz, Max Azria, Kenneth Cole, and Michael Kors, among the few who are popular among Jews in general, but Marc Jacobs has emerged as the most popular amongst Jewish Young Adults.

Born in New York, Marc Jacobs attended Parson’s the New School of Design, where he received the award of “Best Design Student of The Year”- an ostensible sign that Jacobs is Jewish.  He has designed a myriad of collections that have debuted at New York fashion week and has many stores throughout the United States. From his Marc by Marc Jacobs handbags to his accessories and perfumes, Marc Jacobs has been marked a favorite.

Not only do JYAs love his merchandise, but they also love to flaunt his Semitic heritage,  as seen in a conversation between two females, one a JYA and one a Non-Jew.

Sally , Non Jew: “Oh my gosh Elisheva! I love that bag, is it Coach?”

Elisheva, JYA: “Please.  It’s actually the new Marc by Marc Jacobs.”

Sally: “I really like it!”

Elisheva: “ Thanks.  I totally got a discount cause my dad is friends with his Rabbi in Teaneck.”

JYAs can‘t deny their love for Marc Jacobs. From his muy sexy colognes, to his tight fitting shirts, Jacobs has hit the jackpot with the JYAs.

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