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#123 Dancing in Circles

(idea submitted and written by NeonSpndx)

Jewish Young Adults have a tendency to dance in circles.

If you’ve ever been to a friend’s bar mitzvah, your cousin Rachel’s decked out wedding, or grandpa Moshe’s birthday party at the local deli, then you know that at some point in the night (or two or three) you will end up dancing with the entire crowd in multiple circles, one wound around the other.

You’re probably thinking that this “circle dance” is a relic from Jewish Elders’ generation.  It is, but you wouldn’t know it; because Jewish Young Adults of today have adopted it as their own and have been spotted embracing the culturally symbolic dance on many an occasion.

Some quick history.  This riveting Jewish party staple has been around for over 100 years, is actually called “The Hora” and is typically danced to the melody of “Hava Nagila,” which is Hebrew for “Let us rejoice.”  Typically, one would a) stand in a circle holding hands b) follow the circle as it rotates c) step to the side, passing your left foot behind your right d) GRIN WIDELY e) move toward the center of the circle and throw your hands (still holding onto the people next to you) in the air! (BEST part) f) repeat multiple times.

You will smile like it’s the best day of your life (it might be).  You will briefly love ALL of your relatives.  You’ll feel the adrenaline akin to a 2-hour work out.  The JYA’s will be clapping and dancing the hardest.


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