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#118 The Gays

(idea submitted by B.)

As a general rule, Jewish Young Adults tend to be more liberal, open minded, and accepting than their preceding generations.  JYAs also tend to sit left of center with regards to social issues as well, especially when compared to the average Non-Jew.  Even those JYAs who are Republican tend to be so only because of issues pertaining to the economy or Middle East Policy.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the average JYA is like Debra Messing on “Will and Grace”.  While there are certain extreme streams of the religion that are still living in the stone ages, the general tendency amongst JYAs is to accept all congregants with open arms.  Even the orthodox are slowly coming around and making strides.  And to top it all, Tel Aviv has been recently crowned as THE gay travel destination, regardless of religious or cultural background.  Even Harvey Milk was once a proud JYA.

Hopefully this trend of openness and tolerance will continue…

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