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#88 American Apparel

(idea submitted by Ilana D.)

One of the most recent brands that has attracted the attention of Jewish Young Adults across the globe is LA based retailer American Apparel.  The brand, a vertically integrated pseudo-retro 80’s clothing manufacturer founded in 1989 by Canadian Jew Dov Charney, quickly became a fashion fixture for JYAs, and has maintained avid support from across the board.

There are many reasons why JYAs have a special place in their hearts for American Apparel.  Indy-hipster JYAs are quick to note that the brand is responsible for a large bulk of their ironic-Jewish-themed T-shirts.  Murray Hill I-Banker fraternity-type JYAs love the sultry models in alluring poses.  Lefty Nalgene-loving JYAs support the progressive labor practices and the political leanings of the company.  Female JYAs find the company’s non-stereotypical style attractive.  And the rest are proud that such a mensch made it into the big time in the shmatte business.  Even Israeli JYAs are willing to shell out the extra cash just to buy American Apparel leggings from the store in central Tel Aviv.

Beyond all of these reasons, the company also makes quality clothing, and everyone can enjoy one of their fitted cotton t-shirts, even those that don’t tend toward the glam-rock scene.  In this vein, it is easy to see why American Apparel resonates with JYAs; every JYA can find something in the company that they like, even with all the controversy and pending lawsuits over sexual harassment.

american apparel ad

She could be Jewish?

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#87 Faking Israeli Accents

(idea submitted by Sarah L.)

One of the fun aspects of being a Jewish Young Adult is that you get to poke fun of other Jewish Young Adults and revel in their idiosyncrasies.   Part of this enjoyment comes in the form of Faking Israeli Accents.  JYAs, males in particular, have taken this form of humor to unprecedented heights, and can frequently be heard joking about what they deem as funny accents and intonations.  Some have even made quirky Israeli accents into veritable art, as can be witnessed in this example.

The penchant for poking fun of Israeli twangs has been around for a while, but was solidified and magnified by the recent Adam Sandler film, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, which gave JYAs, females included, ample fodder for countless hours of laughter.

As the saying goes – imitation is the highest form of flattery – anecdotal evidence has shown that JYAs fake Israeli accents because they secretly wish they were their swarthy, manly, dark skinned cousins across the Atlantic.  In effect, donning an Israeli accent while out with the bros gives them a macho feel and makes it easier to hit on the ladies.

It is important to note that female JYAs are less prone to faking Israeli accents than their male counterparts, but there has been a notable rise in usage as well.  This possibly stems from the fact that male JYAs seem to have a fetish for female Israeli soldiers, leading females JYAs to believe that an Israeli accent is alluring.

It is also important to note that Israeli JYAs frequently fake American or British accents as well, but the reasoning is unclear.


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