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#114 Keren Ann

Jewish Young Adults love to flaunt their “alternativeness” in any form, be it by listening to obscure music, reading niche magazines, or watching unknown independent movies.  In addition, JYAs have a tendency to bandwagon whenever they discover a new outlet for their alternativeness.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the most recent love for JYAs is singer-composer-producer Keren Ann.

Keren Ann, who was born in Israel but spends most of her time in Paris, is the most recent addition to a long list of female crooners with an ever growing JYA fan base, from Lisa Loeb to Yael Naim.  Keren Ann’s unique melodic voice and numerous collaborations have slowly built steam over the years, culminating in critically acclaimed albums and even a write up in the New York Times Magazine (a JYA favorite rag).

Hopefully JYAs will tell their Non Jewish friends about Keren Ann, giving her much deserved exposure.

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