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Jewish Young Adults are generally a literate group of people, and spend many spare hours poring over literary supplements of major newspapers in order to wheedle down a list of books they want to purchase at the Strand. Though belletristic interests and tastes are quite varied in the JYA community, there is specific source that holds a special place in JYA hearts: The New York Times Weekly Magazine supplement.

The NYT Magazine has been around for over a century, and is widely regarded as arguably the best weekly supplement on the planet. But quality and longevity are not necessarily what draw the JYA readers. Many JYAs simply like the concept of liking the Magazine, and are suckers for the impressed glances they receive from strangers when they whip out the latest copy from their purse/messenger bag.

JYAs know very well that being regarded as a connoisseur of the Magazine is a notable status symbol, and will frequently scan over the topics of the week in order to subtly drop them in to daily conversation. Female JYA “Michelle” was recently overheard stating “Did you see the one last month with the photo of Hillary? I totally saw the jacket she was wearing at Barney’s”

Other JYAs are avid readers, and love getting into prolonged conversations about articles from their favorite contributors like Noah Feldman or Matt Bai, ideally out loud and in public so others are aware that they read the NYT Magazine. Still others like to tout their generational affiliation to the weekly rag, as JYA “Matt” pointed out that “My mom is the only person I know who can finish the Sunday crossword”.

Whatever the reason, be it bookish or dubious, the New York Times Magazine holds a special place in the heart and minds and Coach totes of JYAs across the land.

It is important to note that The New Yorker is also on the list of JYA favorites for many of the same reasons.


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