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#108 Tasti D-Lite

(idea submitted by Daniel G.)

Littered throughout greater New York City are countless frozen yogurt and ice cream shops, from massive tiny mom-and-pop stores to massive international conglomerates.  Even with the countless options, there is one chain that has risen above the rest and claimed the hearts, minds, and pocketbooks of Jewish Young Adults:  Tasti D-Lite.

Tasti D, as the kids call it, has been around for over two decades, but rose to widespread prominence in recent years after marketing boosts from JYA-favored shows like 30 Rock and Sex and the City.  All along the East Coast, the soft serve dessert has become the go-to destination for JYAs looking to escape the summer humidity, have a late night snack, or go on a pity date without spending much money.

While the company itself is not Jewish per se, they publicly display their OU seal of Kashrut on their website (ironically even the Eggnog flavor is Kosher).  In addition, more stores will be opening up soon in other JYA hot-spots like Los Angeles and DC (possibly next to the JCC near Dupont Circle?), which will increase exposure for the brand.

Even with extensive competition, Tasti D can rest assured that they will always have a loyal fan base and plenty of financial support from JYA customers across the country.  Maybe someday in the future the owners will heed the call and open a 24/7 franchise near the clubs of Tel Aviv.

Soon-to-be JYA Charlotte enjoys a scoop of Tasti D

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# 107 Yoga

(idea submitted by Judy K.)

In recent years the practice of Yoga has been sweeping through the Western World at an alarming rate.  According to Yoga Journal, in 2008 about 16 million American’s spent nearly $6 billion on Yoga, double the amount spent three years prior, and the numbers keep growing.  New studios have been popping up all over the globe, in Sydney, London, Tel Aviv, Austin, and anywhere else!  Curiously, these studios are located in areas that have a highly Jewish population, which is understandable because Jewish Young Adults are massive fans.

According to recent reports in the Yoga Journal, there is a strong correlation between yoga practitioners in the Western World and JYAs:  Both are highly educated, both upper middle class, both between the ages of 18 and 40, and both live in urban centers.  But beyond the demographic similarities between yoga fans and JYAs, there are a few underlying motivating factors that draw in the JYAs

For female JYAs the motivation is clear:  Yoga, specifically the more physical styles of Bikram, Ashtanga, and Power Yoga, is a great way to tone up those inner thighs and look good in LuluLemon attire without actually having to remove makeup or put their mani/pedi in danger.

For male JYAs, Yoga has a clear appeal:  75% of the class is sweaty females.  Male JYAs have also been known to utilize Yoga outside of the studio as well, as in this recent interaction between two JYAs:

“Jessica”:  You do yoga?  That’s so cool.

“Andrew”:  Yeah, I’m totally all spiritual ‘n shit.

“Jessica”:  (coos audibly)

Whatever the reason, Yoga studios around the globe should give thanks to JYAs for supporting their cause, even if the JYAs have no connection at all to the extensive historical/spiritual background of the discipline.

Namaste bitches!

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