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# 109 December 26th

The day after Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the American Tradition known as Holiday Shopping Season.  This day, commonly known as Black Friday, is when Non-Jews line up at 4 in the morning to trample each other in the doorways of  Best Buy or Kohl’s to snag the latest and greatest gadgets and gear for fear that the entire country of China will run out of stock.  For Jewish Young Adults, this is the only day to avoid shopping entirely.  Instead, JYA’s wait patiently for the 26th of December, otherwise known as National Jewish Shopping Day.

The 26th of December marks the day when all the Goyim have completed their shopping and are satiated with gift giving, while at the same time retailers are left grossly over-stocked and looking to dump old merchandise as quickly as possible.  These two triggers create a magical moment for JYA’s where bargains are ubiquitous and discounts are deep.  Female JYA’s love that they can get designer products for practically free and brag about how much they saved.  Male JYA’s love that they can easily appease their nagging partners/love interest with designer products that are practically free, and then brag about how much they saved.

For JYA’s across the US, December 26th has become an integral rite of passage to the Christmas season, on par with ordering Chinese and watching schmaltzy films from Netflix.  Undoubtedly this trend will continue to grow, and hopefully in the future National Jewish Shopping Day will be a recognized holiday.

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