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(idea submitted by Jacob L.)

Jewish Young Adults, being an effective minority group within a larger minority group, love it when they get support or a shout out from other minorities.  JYAs will sometimes even go out of their way to seek out references where other minority groups give them props, posting their findings on Facebook walls, Twitter links, or emails.


Diddy and the Jeweler

Chicago based JYA, “Dave” posted a link to a Chris Rock special on his Twitter page, along with the caption “Chris rock is my boy!”  Another JYA, “Mike”, from Atlanta, listed out on his blog every Kanye West song that references Jacob Arabo, aka Jacob the Jewler (nee Yakov Arabov), as well as all the lyrics to Jay Z’s Roc Boys, which includes the classic rhyme: “Black Bar Mitzvah, Mazal Tov, it’s a celebration bitches”.

Some JYAs have taken this interest to extremes, trolling the internet for the most obscure references they can find and sharing it with other JYAs, like when JYA “Abby” sent an email to her sister with a link to a video of Margaret Cho’s appearance at the annual Kung Pao Kosher Comedy Festival in San Francisco, along with the line “If you look in the 3rd row on the right you will see Ari, that guy I was telling you about, sitting there with that slut Jenny.  He’s such a dick.  I’m never calling him again”

The interest in seeking tribute from other minorities stems from the JYAs need to feel cool, or at least cool by Non-JYA standards, and there is nothing cooler than having one of your own getting props from Inspectah Deck.

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