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#125 Lizzy Caplan

lizzy caplan

Every so often a new actor or actress becomes the go-to favorite of the moment for Jewish Young Adults.  Like Kat Dennings and Bryan Greenberg, the new it-girl for JYAs is Lizzy Caplan.

An admitted Reform Jew, Caplan has been performing for over a decade, but only recently has she truly achieved mass appeal and exposure.  Now she is everywhere, in wide release movies and all over your television screen.  Caplan has it all, the personality, the sense of humor, and the looks.

Female JYAs love Caplan because they think they are like her.  Male JYAs love Caplan because they think they can get her.  Unfortunately both cases are unrealistic.  But that doesn’t stop JYAs from rooting for Caplan’s continued success, and we wish her all the best as well.

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