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#3 Voting

Jews Vote. A lot. Apparently young American Jews, aged 18-34, have a 73% voter turn out. Average American non-Jews of the same demographic have a 42% voter turn out. Not just that, but if you took young American Jews as their own demographic, they would have the highest voter turnout rate than any other group according to the US Census Bureau.



Not only do we vote in droves, we talk about voting in droves. We go out of our way to vote. We vote in PTA assemblies and we vote absentee when abroad. We care about how other Jews vote in other countries that we can’t even vote in. If we could hold a vote on how frequently to vote we would all vote on it. And then, after we finish voting, we argue about who we voted for and we gossip about who our friends voted for. It makes me want to vote on something just so I can complain about who I voted for later.



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#2 Isla Fisher

(Submitted by Natalie K)

Natalie Portman? Too obvious. Alicia Silverstone? Too passé. Shiri Appleby? Too low budge. If you really want to support attractive Jewish starlets and maintain your indie cred at the same time, turn to Isla Fisher. The gorgeous red-headed Aussie appeared for three years on the long-running Australian Soap Opera Home and Away. Finally, in 2005, Fisher graced American screens in Wedding Crashers and achieved instant adoration from male fans.

So why do Jewish Young Adults love her? First, she is engaged to one of our favorite Jews, none other than Borat and Ali G impersonator Sasha Baron Cohen. Secondly, she just had a child with him. But more important than all of this, Isla Fisher spent a full three years studying the faith and converted before the child was born, insuring that Sasha’s seed was not wasted! Mazel Tov!

Cheers to Isla, may your conversation be the tipping point for other hotties becoming Members of the Tribe.


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All across the planet, Jews from 18 to 40, male and female, are rocking their Alterna-Judaism with pride in the form of snarky t-shirts. From San Francisco to London, young Jewish adults are displaying their commitment to their faith with aplomb. And, being Jewish, it has to be in the most high-brow way possible.

The trend is not just limited to Diaspora Jewry. All across Tel Aviv little boutiques have been hocking their new wares. T-shirts with sarcastic sayings in Yiddish, or with figures from Israeli children’s literature in questionable positions are popping up in bars all around the city.


Luckily for hipsters, non-hipsters, and wannabe-hipsters, the wonders of the internet have insured that there is plenty of supply to meet demand, in all shapes and forms. In a few quick clicks and a credit card you can proudly display your conviction in bold silk screen across your chest.

Want something tactful that your mom would find humorous? Why not a “Got Shabbos” number? Want some generic kitsch that you can sport at the annual reunion Barbeque of your local AEPi chapter? How about a “Trust Me, I’m a Rabbi” t-shirt in charcoal grey? Feeling like you want to show your militant side? There is always the “Uzi Does It” piece in appropriate military green. Feeling a little more urban chic? “Moses is my Homeboy” always strikes a chord in Williamsburg. Want to make a broader political statement? “Gaza Strip Club” is just the right balance of irony and subversive cultural relevancy. Or, if you want to really be on the cutting edge of fashion, you can always splurge for the classy “Devorah”.

Whatever it is, Jewish Young Adults have a thing for letting it all hang out, well, rather letting it all be written across their chests in 100% cotton.

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